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The Pro Experience
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The Pro Experience
DAY "0"
Days 1 to 3
Day 4 (Last Day)

Landing in Portugal

The best way do arrive at Algarve is to land on the Faro airport.

You don’t need to worry because Included on the registration pack, there is a transfer service for the Official Hotel for you, your luggage and of course for your bike.

Welcome to the Pro Tour atmosphere

When you will arrive at the Official Hotel you will start to feel the special atmosphere of the great cycling competitions, which you will live from the inside for the next few days.

The support vehicles, the buses and the trucks from some of the most famous Pro Tour cycling teams parked on the car park of the hotel are the first signals of the Pro Tour Experience.

Leave your bike with our pro team

Side by side with the Pro Teams mechanic trucks, there will be the Ride Across Algarve mechanic support area, where you will leave your bycicle. The Ride Across Algarve professional mechanic team will help you to unpack your bike and to check i fis everything well with it after the travel.


After checking in, you will receive the Ride Across Algarve goody bag where you can find:

- Official Ride Across Algarve Jersey
- Official Ride Across Algarve Polo Shirt
- Personalized bib number
- Official 40 liters Thule personalized travel bag - to transport all the equipment to each stage
- Gifts of partner brands

At the registration office you will find all the information and the Ride Across Algarve team will help you to put the stages tracks inside your GPS device.

Dinner with the Pro Riders

At the first dinner, you will check that meeting the pros is part of the menu for the next few days. Sharing the same dining room with the professionals, it can happen that when you go to the self service in the buffet area you realize that one of the most famous cyclists in the world may be waiting for you to serve himself to. You probably must say ”hi” to him…

The first Briefing

On the first briefing, Ride Across Algarve's team will explain every detail about the full event and the first stage in particular. It’s the moment to find the answers for any doubt and it's also the opportunity to meet every other cyclist of the Ride Across Algarve's bunch.


Three days like a Pro

At the hotel, before the stage

The event will use the same structures of the principal Algarve Tour teams.

Every morning the breakfast will take place at the same reserved area for the Pros, having access to some of their similar food offer. If you never had the chance to see, you will be amazed with the food the Pros can eat on their breakfast. For anyone who wants. European Breakfast will be at disposal as well.

After breakfast all Ride Across Algarve’s participants and bikes will be transported to Ride Across Algarve’s Vip Area in Volta ao Algarve’s start area.

At Volta ao Algarve's start and finish areas.

All participants will be able to chat and meet the pro cyclists, being inside the same restricted area, where the pros have their coffees and will do their Point Signature before the start.

Although part of the Ride Across Algarve stage has a different (shorter) course than the Volta ao algarve stage, the departure will be done with the Pros Symbolic departure.

The finish is also on the Volta ao Algarve arrival spot, before the pros to guarantee that it will be possible to assist the pros arrival (from the VA VIP Terrasse).

After the end of Volta ao Algarve stage, all Ride Across Algarve athlete's and bikes will be transported to the hotel, where they will again join with the Pros for bike maintenance and relaxing programs.

During the stages

The Ride Across Algarve Team provides you the full support with medical assistance, dynamic mechanical assistance, feed stations, sweep Wagon and security control.

In addition to the best roads and landscapes in the Algarve, you can also enjoy the taste of the competition on the timed sections duly marked in each stage and which allows you to fight you to fight for your classification in the Ride Across Algarve King and Queen time table.

On the pit stops (one or two on each stage) you can find all you need to refuel and complete the stage on the best way. Water, fruit juices, cola, energy drinks, fresh fruit, sandwiches, energy bars and local sweets are available for all on the feed stations.

After the stage, a recovery meal, fresh drinks and coffee will be waiting for you on the VIP Ride Across Algarve recovery area on the finish spot of the Volta ao Algarve.

At the hotel, after the stage

“After the battle”, you come back home with the Pros, for the best recover.

Leave your bike with our team of mechanics, while you are enjoying your massage or you are tasting a good Portuguese wine before the dinner. May be can be the opportunity to chat with one of the Pro-riders you can meet at the lounge área.

At dinner it will be time to refuel to the next day sharing the famous Portuguese gastronomy again with the Pro Cyclists.

The coffee will be served with the briefing with all the details for the next day.


THE ALGARVE GRANFONDO - a 'cherry on top' finish


The participation on the cyclosportive organised by Volta ao Algarve on the Pro Series' last day of competition is included on Ride Across Algarve's registration.

As it happened on the challenge stages of the previous days, Ride Across Algarve's Organisation will give full support to its Granfondo Algarve's participants, before, during and after the race, so that they can enjoy their participation safely.



To improve the experience in Ride Across Algarve, special programs with the Pro Tour teams present in the official hotels can be organised.

Visiting the inside of a Pro Tour's mechanical truck; or a talk session with a team manager explaining what is the preparation and the day-by-day of a Pro Tour team, are just two examples of these special programs.